M’Lady’s lced Heart

One misty afternoon m’lord boards his ship
the spirit of the seas calling
sails with m’lady’s heart.
Now heartbroken,
she stands on the quay.

Her empty heart turns to stone
A powerful witch is sort
Who hexes, vexes and curses him
And the mermaids and the Selkies
Enchanteds his heart.

With a heavy possessed heart
He gazes upon her photograph
Realising his mistake
Turns the ship around
causing an angry storm.

Land impossible.
With a heavy heart
m’lord follows his orders
Weeks turn to months
Upon M’Lady’s photo he continues to gaze.

Great sadness seen in his face
Heavy hearted,
M’lady appears in a vision,
M’Lord’s face and heart soars
land ahoy
shore leave granted.

Returning to M’Lady
Heavy with a heart of ice
“Melt the Ice Queen” the wind whispered,
Taking her into his arms
M’Lord muttered terms of endearment.

How he missed her
Tears visible in her eyes,
Slowly they fell upon her iced heart, restoring a broken heart
As he promised
never to break it again
Returning from the seas
everytime to her
And her alone

With her and his heart entwined
For eternity.

Poetry – Benjamin Zephaniah – Talking Turkeys! – Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas

Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas
Cos’ turkeys just wanna hav fun
Turkeys are cool, turkeys are wicked
An every turkey has a Mum.
Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas,
Don’t eat it, keep it alive,
It could be yu mate, an not on your plate
Say, Yo! Turkey I’m on your side.

I got lots of friends who are turkeys
An all of dem fear christmas time,
Dey wanna enjoy it, dey say humans destroyed it
An humans are out of dere mind,
Yeah, I got lots of friends who are turkeys
Dey all hav a right to a life,
Not to be caged up an genetically made up
By any farmer an his wife.

Turkeys just wanna play reggae
Turkeys just wanna hip-hop
Can yu imagine a nice young turkey saying,
‘I cannot wait for de chop’,
Turkeys like getting presents, dey wanna watch christmas TV,
Turkeys hav brains an turkeys feel pain
In many ways like yu an me.

I once knew a turkey called…….. Turkey
He said “Benji explain to me please,
Who put de turkey in christmas
An what happens to christmas trees?”,
I said “I am not too sure turkey
But it’s nothing to do wid Christ Mass
Humans get greedy an waste more dan need be
An business men mek loadsa cash’.

Be nice to yu turkey dis christmas
Invite dem indoors fe sum greens
Let dem eat cake an let dem partake
In a plate of organic grown beans,
Be nice to yu turkey dis christmas
An spare dem de cut of de knife,
Join Turkeys United an dey’ll be delighted
An yu will mek new friends ‘FOR LIFE’.


The Planet Ero


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Once upon a time, in a far away and distance galaxy, there was a plant called Ero.

Ero was like no other known planet. The population of Ero were constantly happy and very friendly people, and wished everyone joy and happiness. No harm was inflicted upon another person.

Until a space ship landed one day, and out of that spaceship walked an Irish man. This Irish man decided that he would try and live a very simple life on planet Ero, but sadly the Irish man was a little pervert, and liked to place his fingers in places where they shouldn’t go.

In the centre of the village on planet Ero, there was a very large magical fountain that had been working and feeding water to the population of Ero’s for years. However, there were other fountains situated in other villages on planet Ero’s, but this particular village’s magical fountain, happened to be rather special and for years people how had drank from this magical fountain, they were then granted the most intimate carnal desires.

Until a group of people arrived from another village and notices that people of this particular village seemed to be a lot happier that other people from other villages and this concerned them very much. So after much consultation and debating about the magical fountain they decided to take action.

When one morning the villagers saw that their magical fountain had been seized by this political group, and had placed covers over the fountain, therefore, blocking access to the fountain, thereby deny the people access to their own magical fountain.

At first, the people didn’t mind too much, but as the days gradually passed, people became angry about this newly formed political group who had denied access to their own magical water. So the people began to object, but the population noticed that the political group wouldn’t yield, and it then lead to a civil unrest.

Despite all the protests, the political group still wouldn’t given into the population, in time the people’s anger began to slowly fade and they continued with their boring day to day lives.

Being denied access to the magical waters had a huge affect on the population, they began to merge onto unhappiness, in time it became worse, and moved onto a miserable existence, just living to exist. Also people began to notice the affect that it was having on the birds and animals, they too were unhappy as well, the birds weren’t singing a much as they usually did, and the animals didn’t frisk about in the fields as much as they used to.

Slowly and gradually the seasons melding into each other, turning into one long stretches, so it was neither winter nor summer, if that wasn’t enough, colours started to lose their brightness. Over time the planet Ero’s gradually became dull and flat, slowly and gradually becoming grey and greyer as time passed by.

The people tried to be happy and to be friendly towards other people, but nothing helped and soon they gave up. They just lived their lives as best as they could and slowly plodded on with their slow boring lives, wondering all the time what they could do to change it. Nobody had any ideas and nothing changed, everything continued getting worse over time.

Until one day…..

Until a handsome farmhand was spied upon outside the village perimeter, who just happened to be walking along the road, he was on his own and unaware of anyone watching him, until the gypsy girl appeared.

This gypsy girl was sitting by the roadside,, having a break from collecting water from the rivulet, as the handsome farmhand gradually got nearer, he saw how beautiful she is, as well as dark and mysterious, and also looked to be sensual and gracefully with a wild elegance, and now she had finished with the water and turned and saw the young handsome farmhand.

When she saw him, she swayed over to him and placed her hand behind his neck, pulling his head down towards her, kissing him on his mouth, and when he opened his lips to respond to her touch, he found that her mouth was pouring water directly into his own mouth.

Within seconds of the water touching the back of his throat, he felt something strange happening to him, something was stirring deep down inside himself, then something painful happened.

It began to hurt inside him and then it happened. He noticed that his clothes became bigger, becoming baggy on him. His head began to pound, now his shoes began to feel loose on him.

His clothes continued to grow bigger and bigger on him until he realised what was happening, he was shrinking into a mouse.

No, no it couldn’t be happening, he thought. It’s something else.

Panic was rippling through him, his hands searched his pockets, hastily searching his person for it.

No, no it wasn’t there.

Shit, he now released what she had gone and done it, the trollop had only gone and stolen his wallet.

He looked around him, and yes, there she was, she was still there, he ran up to her and grabbed her, and placed her over his knee and began to snack her backside. He smacked it until it was sore and she then began to kneel before him.

Because she was a bad and wicked gypsy girl, he decided that she needed teaching a lesson. So finding a large stone in the middle of road, he stepped upon the stone and mounted her and rode her all the way into town.



Was it worth it?


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Last night ended a four year long wait, and today after nursing the aching muscles, wandering legs, comprised hearing and an non-alcohol induced hangover, I’m now wondering was it really worth that long four year wait?

So, who or what was I waiting for, here’s your only clue…….


Yes, that’s right, Bryan Adams is finally touring the UK, and yes, I was there last night at his Sheffield concert.

Wow, what a night! Well it was after the initial shock of having a floor seat? What was that all about, I wondered along with my neighbours, muttering “Health & Safety” and so that there are no crowd surges.  No, we’re not that bad, we are well behaved Bryan Adams Fans, well some of us are.   Then there was the constant stream of people passing backwards and forwards with their alcohol filled plastic tankards.

The night comprised of Bryan and his full Band, entertaining a packed arena to tracks from his thirty year old “Reckless” Album (Run to You, Kids Wanna Rock, Somebody, Heaven, Summer of 69, One Night Love Affair, It’s Only Love etc) plus undiscovered tracks (Reckless?) that had been left out of the original album.

If that wasn’t enough, Bryan had an additional treat for us, a guest appearance from the one and only, Jim Vallance, and he accompanied Bryan on Keyboards for an emotional version of “Heaven”.

Of course Bryan did his usual trick, searching the audience, tonight not for a singer, but a dancer (Some good moves there girl.), and of course the track was “If You Wanna Be Bad, Ya Gotta Be Good”.

If those two treats wasn’t enough, Bryan had another treat for us, in the way of saying a special hello to the songwriter Eliot Kennedy, who wrote “When You’re Gone”.

The second half of the evening, the audience was treated to some of Bryan’s old and new tracks such as “Everything I do, I do for You”, “Please Forgive Me” “Straight From the Heart” “Cuts Like A Knife” and “Cloud Number 9” for example.

Not bad for two hours of quality entertainment, especially from an artist who’s been entertaining us for over thirty years and made a special thanks to “Tina Turner” who gave him his big break, by being her supporting act.

So all in all, a thoroughly good night was had by all, a packed house. Just let’s hope that the UK doesn’t have to wait another four years before he appears again.

On a final note, I think I’m heading towards withdrawal symptoms already.

It’s all over now.


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And so the story goes

I’ve lived, laughed and cried

And now, it’s all come to an end

So Au Revoir Mon Capitaine

From Darwin to Dublin

I’d sail those oceans

To catch a glimpse of your eyes

But now the story’s come to an end

So Au Revoir Mon Capitaine

Bitter sweet memories

Is all I’m taking with me

But, I still thing of you

Everytime, I say Goodbye

So Au Revoir Mon Captaine

Standing on the edge of stage

Gazing up at the screen

Empty and numb

Asking where did I go wrong

But it’s not goodbye

It’s wasn’t your fault

Mistakes, were all mine

But it’s just to much to handle

Now just a shadow in your life

But now your gone

All I can do is rip your picture from the page of my life

And say Goodbye

But you say it’s not Goodbye

It’s just Au Revoir My Love

It’s all over now

Nothing more to say

But now the story’s come to an end

So Au Revoir Mon Capitaine

Can’t Stop It.


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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any of my poems.  Attempted to repress the feelings and emotions, but sadly it took a text message to unleash the emotions again, so now I’m hoping that immersing myself in the musings of Captain J. Aubrey, upon the HMS Surprise might have a better attempt at repression.   By the end of March 2015 I might know better.  But in the meantime, here is my latest creative poem, hope you enjoy it.

All because of:

A glance

A smile

A wink


And it makes me:

Fight for you

Lie for you

Do anything for you

Yes, anything


So please,

Don’t make me

Deny it

Repress it

Stop it


Just cos we’re miles apart

Say the words

And I’ll coming running

Despite it all

I can’t stop it

just loving you

The Seaman


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2013-06-26 20.57.26

Seaman , your home is the ocean 

Seaman , let the dream
Do not think about at home
Seaman , wind and waves
Call out you

Your home is the ocean
Your friends are the stars
About Rio and Shanghai
About Bali and Hawaii
Your love is your ship
Your longing is the distance
And you 're only you trust
A lifetime

Sailor , Sailor
Let the dream
Your home is the deep blue sea
Your ship is your love
Not to me
And the stars are your best friends
And though you find your thrills
Because the stranger
In the places far away from me
Just remember I 'm always waiting
For on you
When your journey ends

Your home is the ocean
Your friends are the stars
About Rio and Shanghai
About Bali and Hawaii
Your love is your ship
Your longing is the distance
And you 're only you trust
A lifetime

Brandon, The Mariner


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Oh oh Brandon,
He’s travelling tonight
He’s onboarding a flight
It looks just like Brandon
Must be the tears in my eyes
Is he really in love

Oh dear, we miss Brandon
Brandon, our mariner
I fell in love with his uniform

Oh dear Brandon,
You’re a mariner
In the sense of the seas
Brandon is leaving today
I can see his reflection
In my sunglasses
As he waves goodbye
Oh, he looks just like Brandon
Must be the tears in my eyes

Oh dear, Brandon has left these sunny shores
Oh Brandon, He’s leaving today
He’s flying out on a plane
Bound for the Far East
To sail those High Sea

Oh dear, Brandon he’s just a mariner
Oh dear me, Do I see tears in my eyes!
No, I’m just laughing and celebrating
Knowing now what a fool he’s been
Trying to charm all the girls
Sadly, he’s not a patch our my Captain Jack Aubrey
And never will be.
So Goodbye Brandon, my mariner.
Do I see tears in my eyes
No, its just the sun’s reflection on my eyes

The Full Moon


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The wind gently stirring
The leaves rustling in the distance
There she smiles
Raining her ambience gaze down upon me
As I howl out to the moon.
Her rays caress my soft skin
As I dance naked to the windy tune
Now unable to control your lust
Your hands wander as they grab out at my body
Mouth, Hands and other tools seek out the hidden doors
Upon the floor we wrestle
Naked and spent as the full moon smiles down
As the gentle breeze dances upon our bodies


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