The Seaman


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Seaman , your home is the ocean 

Seaman , let the dream
Do not think about at home
Seaman , wind and waves
Call out you

Your home is the ocean
Your friends are the stars
About Rio and Shanghai
About Bali and Hawaii
Your love is your ship
Your longing is the distance
And you 're only you trust
A lifetime

Sailor , Sailor
Let the dream
Your home is the deep blue sea
Your ship is your love
Not to me
And the stars are your best friends
And though you find your thrills
Because the stranger
In the places far away from me
Just remember I 'm always waiting
For on you
When your journey ends

Your home is the ocean
Your friends are the stars
About Rio and Shanghai
About Bali and Hawaii
Your love is your ship
Your longing is the distance
And you 're only you trust
A lifetime

Brandon, The Mariner


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Oh oh Brandon,
He’s travelling tonight
He’s onboarding a flight
It looks just like Brandon
Must be the tears in my eyes
Is he really in love

Oh dear, we miss Brandon
Brandon, our mariner
I fell in love with his uniform

Oh dear Brandon,
You’re a mariner
In the sense of the seas
Brandon is leaving today
I can see his reflection
In my sunglasses
As he waves goodbye
Oh, he looks just like Brandon
Must be the tears in my eyes

Oh dear, Brandon has left these sunny shores
Oh Brandon, He’s leaving today
He’s flying out on a plane
Bound for the Far East
To sail those High Sea

Oh dear, Brandon he’s just a mariner
Oh dear me, Do I see tears in my eyes!
No, I’m just laughing and celebrating
Knowing now what a fool he’s been
Trying to charm all the girls
Sadly, he’s not a patch our my Captain Jack Aubrey
And never will be.
So Goodbye Brandon, my mariner.
Do I see tears in my eyes
No, its just the sun’s reflection on my eyes

The Full Moon


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The wind gently stirring
The leaves rustling in the distance
There she smiles
Raining her ambience gaze down upon me
As I howl out to the moon.
Her rays caress my soft skin
As I dance naked to the windy tune
Now unable to control your lust
Your hands wander as they grab out at my body
Mouth, Hands and other tools seek out the hidden doors
Upon the floor we wrestle
Naked and spent as the full moon smiles down
As the gentle breeze dances upon our bodies

More than words can say


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Everytime I hear the wind rustle

I hear your name

Calling out to me

Miracles, still can happen

but, I believed I found one

the day I met you

I was surround by darkness

You turned it into light

I was full of sadness

you turned it into joy

Do you know,

just how much you mean to me

I love you more than words can ever say

Je t’aime plus que les mots peuvent dire

Sweet Mon Capitaine.

Cherry pie in memory of special agent Cooper

Originally posted on potatofaces:

cherry pie inspired by Twin Peaks

cherry pie inspired by Twin Peaks

There are some films you just can’t watch without craving for specific  food or drink:

1. To start with, I can’t watch ‘ Sideways’ without a glass of pinot noir…Simply cannot be done!

2. ‘Waitress’  without any pie and trying to banish the urge to bake.

3. Whenever I watch ‘Moonstruck’  I have to make eggs fried in toast…( ideally with champagne on the side ) aah.

4. After a little session with ‘Goodfellas’ you have to make a perfect tomato sauce (cooked for hours, in the meantime taking care of ‘the business’).

5. Julie and Julia and Something’s Gotta Give make me want to go to Paris and dine at any bistro (but preferably Cafe de Flore).

6. All films directed by Eric Rohmer make me want to dine in the garden with lots of wine.

One gloomy morning I was thinking about…

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Medieval Selfies

Originally posted on medievalbooks:

Self-portraits of medieval book artisans are as exciting as they are rare. In the age before the modern camera there were limited means to show others what you looked like. In the very late medieval period, when the Renaissance spirit was already felt in the air, some painters made self-portraits or included themselves in paintings commissioned by others. Stunningly, the medieval painter Jan van Eyck showed himself in the portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his fiance: he is staring at you from the mirror that is hanging behind the couple. For those who still didn’t get it, he painted above it Johannes de eyck fuit hic, Jan van Eyck was here” (Fig. 1, more here). He added the date 1434 to the picture, making it a particularly early selfie.

Jan van Eyck, Giovanni Arnolfini and his fiance, 1434 (right) and mirror detail (left)

Fig. 1 – Jan van Eyck, Giovanni Arnolfini and fiance (right)  and mirror detail (left)

As far as producers of books is concerned, there were only two kinds…

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At an end

Now the adventures end
Leaving us all numb
Knowing our farewells have been spoken
But what care l
So, l’ll say goodbye
By joining the Navy
How it breaks my heart to leave these shores,
As the dawn is breaking
Tears are rolling down
As the harbour lights begin to call
It will be our last goodbye
As l begin a new adventure
In a different clime
So l wish you the final goodbye


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