At an end

Now the adventures end
Leaving us all numb
Knowing our farewells have been spoken
But what care l
So, l’ll say goodbye
By joining the Navy
How it breaks my heart to leave these shores,
As the dawn is breaking
Tears are rolling down
As the harbour lights begin to call
It will be our last goodbye
As l begin a new adventure
In a different clime
So l wish you the final goodbye

To Message or Not To Message is the Question?


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Here’s a moral dilemma relationship question for you to ponder on.

A bit of background first:

You meet someone and after the first two months, he goes off and has a dalliance, only to confess to you the following day, and you forgive him.

Now three months has passed and you’re gut feelings is not happy about things, but you pass it off, saying that you’re imagining things. But in the meantime, you go on a dating website that he’s told you about, and set up a fake profile, and begin chatting to him under that fake identity.  Only to keep it going for two months, when it comes to a head, by him asking that fake identity to meet up him. You confess who you really area, and he forgives you.

After a mega long conversation things are finally resolved., but as time passes by, that little gut feeling dances around and keeps telling your head that something is not quite right in paradise.

This continues for 12 months, until 16 months has finally passed.  You start digging for information, especially when he drops the bomb shell with “I don’t love you!”

So after walking around for days in a daze, doing more digging on the internet, and then a mutual friend gives you some more information that hits you like a ton of bricks, then for confirmation you start looking at his other facebook page, and then you’re gut feelings starts shouting in your head, saying “I’ve been telling you, but you wouldn’t believe it!”, because is only one woman on that page who has just recently been added. 

You stare at it then you look at her profile:

So here’s the question, whilst you’re in a state of confusion and anger do you message this said woman, or do you ignore it and walk away?

What would you do?



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Fewer Dog Shootings. 

There has been an outcry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the police killing dogs for no reason and have faced two lawsuits.   The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, are making officers attend special, improvised training to better deal with dogs when they arrive at the scene of a call.   There has been on average one shooting a year, and it has done damage to the relations between officers and public, taking years to repair.  (

Dog friendly Rentals. 

The latest craze now hitting home or apartment rentals and pet owners are become more friendly towards larger breeds of dogs.   Landlords will consider renting to you if you have a large breed of dog, especially if you have a pit bull.   “One or more of your dogs must be on the so-called “aggressive” breed list, that includes pit bulls, huskies, rottweilers or any of the other dogs that normal landlords tend not to welcome.  (

Puppies with unusual tastes. 

A Bernese Mountain dog puppy, seems to have a love hate relationship with a lemon.  The Daily Dog Times is unable to consider if she is dance to the music or does she just have a very rhythmic way of playing. Watch the clip and see for yourself.  (





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Yes, I am in fact talking about The Central Intelligence Agency.

I wonder how many people were are that the have only just joined Twitter on Friday 6th June 2014.

Two things really tickled me when I found out, was the content of there first tweet


We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

and the second thing that caused me giggle, since they joined they have now have 601K followers, and have only made three tweets.

The world is watching!



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The other morning a male friend came to visit me.  After drinking copious amounts of Costa Coffee and talking about many subjects, he left with an interesting pause for thought moment.

“Men’s balls seem to become smaller as they age”

Thinking for a moment that I had miss heard him, he actually repeat it again before quickly making his departure.   Well, that left me in a right  state of flux, there I am trying to read his body language and to see which path he’s walking.

As I wonder into the kitchen, there I am muttering, what on earth is he referring to “Men’s balls seem to become smaller as they age!”

Those friends that know me, know I have a warped sense of humour and it can get me into so much trouble, so that’s not a path I want to descent, but it’s there……

Wondering upstairs, I’m now thinking about my experiences, and I can’t for the likes of me say that I have noticed any differences from my first encounter to my last one….  Then I began to think about actually what balls I have been handling!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised it’s true, that in fact Men’s balls do become smaller with age.

Here are the simple facts:-

As young boys, you’re handed a football or a rugby ball.  Some boys progress from the Football to the Rugby ball, which is a bit larger.   After a while the attraction of playing football or rugby wears off and boys then move over towards Snooker/Pool or the Cricket Ball, whilst other boys take up bowling.

As you slide down towards your thirties the fitness lark takes hold, so you begin your tennis or squash routines.

Before long, you’re heading for Fifty and you can’t keep up chasing that tennis ball around, so you change to the much gentle pursuit of golf.

Now at the ambling age of Seventy, golf might be a tad too much so out comes the old ping pong ball.

So you see my readers, my friend was quite right when he pointed out to me, that men’s balls in deed do become smaller with age.




Fox with a Foot Fetish?


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FOX WITH A FOOT FETISH……Really! I’m serious. It’s true. Even I couldn’t believe it when I read the article, so I had to share it and did a little more research.

The article can be found on the BBC website

“Fox behind Leeds footwear theft crimewave”

A fox is stealing dozens of shoes in a Leeds suburb and dumping them outside a woman’s house.   The problem has become so bad that Elaine Hewitt has been forced to put a shoe rack outside her home in Horsforth so neighbours can reclaim their missing footwear.



The Dog Times reportor spoke with a local animal behaviourist and according to him, this is normal behavior, as the have a liking for the salty taste of human skin. It is even normal for the to lick or nibble human skin. Some dogs will even go to the extreme of removing footwear from the owner.

However there is no scientific studies of canine foot fetishes exist, but what we know about caine bahviour and the human canine bond suggest that bother answers may possess an element of truth.

For more information see the following link: –


The Dog Times Daily Edition


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Lady Lucinda, otherwise known as Lottie, the slobbering Rottie, has been reunited with her family.  It was reported on 15th May 2014, that she had be found dead in mysterious circumstances.  The unknown dead Rottie, has still not been identified.

Lady Lucinda, affectionately known as Lottie to her friends and family has returned from a holiday on a private yacht moored in the East Mediterrean Sea.  Lady Lucinda’s family press secretary refuse to give any details as to the identity of the owner of the private yacht and who accompanied Lady Lucinda.  They commented with, they were pleased that their affectionate slobbering rottie was home safe and well.


Close friends of Lady Lucinda’s have speculated that she fled the country in a desperate attempt to escape the charms and to recover from a broken heart, believed to have been caused by the rogue Chief Office Rufus.

At present we have not been able to locate C/O Rufus for his side of the story.  As soon as we have his story, The Dog Times will be the first to let you know.

With regard to the mysterious dead Rottie, Investigation Officer Sharptails, confirmed that the body is similar to the witness report relating to the outstanding raid on the Dogger Bank, which took place on Tuesday August 2013. The investigation is still ongoing.



In the recent months Amazon have been doing a huge trade selling flying robots to walk your dogs.  However, in the local Dogger Region, there have been an increase in these flying robots attacking dogs.  The local Muttstabulary are still looking into the matter, however, they believe it could be some result of malware or hacker.


The Dog Times have heard about the amazing rescue of  Pedro, out in the Dogger.  He was buried alive following a devastating mudslide after days of torrential rain.  The Military Mutts Rescuers worked tirelessly for hours, and excavated the missing and trapped people.  What they never imaged is that after 18 hours of a natural disaster, that they would in fact be rescuing a buried alive dog.  Sadly, The Dog Times regret to inform the public that Pedro’s owners didn’t make it.  Pedro is now looking for a new home.


Dogair had to make an unusual emergency landing because a service dog on board kept pooping in the plane’s aisle.    The airline had never had to deal with with such a terrible situation and rather than ask the passengers to hold their noses or to spray air freshner, the pilot decided to make an unscheduled landing.

One of the passengers commented, “about an hour into the flight, I started smelling this terrible smell.  Looking down the aisle and there was Millie, pooping right in the middle of the aisle.  She’s a big dog, three to four feet tall and she just kept going.

Dogair crew attempted to deal with the situation on board, but after cleaning the mess up and then running out of paper towels, and the comfort of the passengers had to be taken into consideration.

Dogair are now considering special bathrooms for their Canine passengers in future.


Are Men really worth it?


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We all want a good man in our lives, a man that can take care of us and their for us.  Despite knowing what we want and what we get aren’t always the same thing.

However, the majority of men see a woman as a Nag, whining bitch or a shopaholic.  But I’m sad to say that is the majority of woman, however, there is a very small percentage of women out there, that don’t nag, whine nor a shopaholic.

Additionally, there are woman out there that are not looking for one night stands, no strings attached deals or a relationship with married men.  These are woman that have principles and ethics.

So my question is where are all the decent guys and how to do you find one.

Pubs and clubs – Well I’m not the type of girl that visits those places.  A dating site, okay some of those sites are worse that sex sites and the all interconnect, yes, they interconnect.  Then they are plagued with scammers – Nigerians mostly.  Work environment – No, don’t do it.

So, after three weeks of self reflection, I’ve decided to stay single, as I seem to be more happy and have less issues and dramas.  I’ve had my fair share of drama this last 16 months over one man and his harem.

And me is most definitely not the problem.

Before I met my late husband in 1998,  I’d had a good few relationships, escaped marriage twice.  First time due to a death, called the second wedding off, he was an alcoholic and lived in the pub.   The third one,  third time lucky.

Had twelve fantastic years, until he passed away in 2009.   Now these last five years have been the most interesting.

First year, received unwelcome attention from a brother-in-law, and how I was accused of having an affair, thus became known as the Scarlet Woman.

Therefore, in the last three years, there’s only been three potential losers, yes losers.  Firstly,  there was Pat, he didn’t really know what he wanted, so he went back to the ex-girlfriend and married her.  Only married her because she won the lottery.  Yes, I had deduced that he was a gold digger.

Then there was the Stalker,  the security man that fell at my feet big time.  After a month, I had to get the police involved and get a restraining order on him.  He was very scary.  That was after one date.

And now to Mon Capitaine, having sweet talked me for sixteen months.  I tried to ignore my gut feeling, telling myself that I must learn to trust men again.  Only to find out that there are three other women in this country that he’s been sweet talking and living with another woman in another country.  By his name you’ll assume he has something to do with the sea! Please, calm yourselves, I can hear you screaming at me…… “A girl in every port!”

So after my bound of self reflection it appears that I have a thing for the “bad boy” so for now I’ll keeping to widowhood and spinsterhood, and please, just because I’m a widow, I’m NOT desperate for it, like many of you men imagine that we widows are.


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